4 Basics of Growing Your Gym

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1) Have A Web Presence

Having a website is like having a commercial that only reaches the people you care about. Whether it’s someone searching specifically for you on Google or someone looking for a new gym, this is your chance to get them excited. Can you imagine looking for a gym or Crossfit and and you go to a site that looks like it was built ten years ago? It’s a big let down especially when you’re expecting something impressive. Every legitimate business, including gyms, are expected to be relevant and have a great site. This is especially true if someone is thinking of investing money with you.


2) Highlight What Makes You Special

What if Arnold Schwarzenegger was a trainer at your gym? You would plaster the website and advertisements with pictures of him. You would let everyone know about his credentials and what he’s done in his career. You may not be Arnold, but you offer something special! Do you have great class times, a large floor space, or maybe trainers with mind blowing credentials? Let people know what makes you different. Everyone has pictures of their treadmills and kettlebells, let them know who you are!


3) Use Your Free Tools

Expand your reach as far as it can take you! There are a number of free tools out there, it’s key to not be lazy with these offerings. Make a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ page. Engage on Yelp and Pinterest and anything that allows you to mention your business for free. Be consistent across all pages about who you are and your information. Above all, engage with people on these sites! It’s a great way to get your name visible to your target market.


4) Stay Relevant

Potential clients are always going to look at how often you update your website and social media. Run some events for members at the gym. Create Facebook groups, give awards and post pictures. This lets people know your doors are not just open but you’re continuously growing people. It’s also key to be consistent with posting. Some of the best accounts in social media post once a day, or at the same time every day. Let people know what to expect and keep it coming. A easy way to do this is gather a bunch of pictures and slowly leak them out one by one.

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