3 Ways for Gym Owners to Improve Their Facebook Campaigns

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More than half of U.S. residents use Facebook multiple times per day and 74% of Facebook users use the site daily! Considering there are 190 million users in the US, you have the ability to reach 140.6 million people every day! This is why 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly. If you are not advertising on Facebook, you need to think again. Below are three key ways to improve your Facebook ad campaign. 

1. Know Your Target Audience 

The first thing you need to consider when creating a Facebook ad campaign is the demographic you’re targeting. Some of the most important demographics that influence buying behavior are age, gender, location, language, income, occupation, and marital status. 

Once you’ve input these characteristics, you need to think about interests, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. I find it helpful to imagine a stereotypical member of your target audience and jot down his or her interests. For example, if you’re a CrossFit gym, some interests you may want to include are “fitness”, “powerlifting”, or “weight training”. 

Create Custom Audiences 

If you want to target people who’ve already interacted with your business, you can create a custom audience with customer files. Simply import your existing customer subscriber list and Facebook will serve your ads to those individuals. 

Use Pixel and Conversion Tracking 

This method is extremely effective for retargeting website activity. With Facebook Pixel you can create different audiences based on your website pages they’ve visited and the actions they took. For example, let’s say someone was on the sign-up page but didn’t actually sign up. Facebook will serve ads to those individuals!

Create a Lookalike Audience 

This method is arguably the most effective way to reach your audience because Facebook uses its algorithm to clone your existing audience and create one that targets similar individuals. Think about how effective this can be after using pixel. You can target people who are likely to sign up!

know your target audience - facebook ad campaign

2. Create Quality Content 

You need convincing images and copy to intrigue your target audience. Here are some tips to display content that will resonate with your audience in your Facebook ad campaign.

Choose appropriate images

If you’re a dental practice, you shouldn’t be picking any image of a doctor’s office. You want to pick an image where the dentist and patient are clear. You should also pick an image that doesn’t exclude any members of your target audience. For example, don’t pick an image with only men or only women if you’re targeting both genders. 

Write persuasive copy

You need to think about the target’s language choices based on interests. For example, if you’re targeting baseball players, then you may want to include clever metaphors that baseball players would find comical. 

Also, the language you use to target different demographics should vary. 18-24 year-olds don’t speak the same way 35-44 year-olds do, so you need to write copy accordingly. 

Below are some questions that will help you generate effective content.

  • What are the target’s issues, needs, pains, challenges, hopes, and fears?
  • How do they feel when using the product or service?
  • What do they know or think of our brand? 

A Video May be Your Best Option

A product demo is an excellent way to show the customer your product is actually functional. People want to see the product/service in action!

Quality Content

3. Place Your Ads Strategically 

Automatic placement is extremely helpful because Facebook will disperse your advertisements across the spaces that’s most likely to reach your audience. If you want to choose exactly where your ads are displayed, you must be strategic. Here are some tips to place your ads effectively. 

Consider Your Objective

If you haven’t advertised on Facebook before, the Facebook News Feed is a great place to start. This is less intrusive than placing your ads in someone’s Facebook stories or in their messenger inbox. 

Consider Your Audience 

How does your audience view content? If you’re targeting a younger demographic, Instagram may be a good idea because a large number of users are on the younger end. If you’re targeting someone with a lower household income than average, Facebook marketplace may be your best bet because individuals are looking for cheap options.

Now that you understand the basis of Facebook advertising, let’s take your business to the next level. Contact us to learn about our personalized and fully-integrated digital marketing plans!

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