3 ways to get more potential members to visit your website

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Once your CrossFit website is live the work begins to get traffic. Remember: more traffic → more sign ups → more free trials → more full time members → more people changing their lives through functional fitness.

So the big question is, how do you get more traffic?
In this post we’ll show you three ways you can increase the number of people interested in CrossFit who visit your site.

#1 – Establish a Strong online Brand and Reputation for your CrossFit Box
CrossFit has a strong and growing brand. While you’ll benefit from that, your box’s brand is equally important. Think about the two people who will visit:

  • Potential new members
  • Existing members

Think about giving both groups what they need and showing your style. If you answer the questions and needs of both groups more people will come back to check it out and tell other people to do the same. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

#2 – Optimize Your Website for SEO

Most people thinking about joining CrossFit will find your box through a search engine, most likely google.
There are several ways to get your website higher up in search engine results.
Part of ranking well for CrossFit websites is establishing a strong online brand as mentioned above. The more times your brand is mentioned, linked to, and endorsed online the higher your rankings will be. Engage with your broader fitness community and let others know what you’re doing. Have them link to your site from theirs.
Additionally, the content on your site has to be written in a way that is appealing to your ideal customer and thus appealing to the search engines.
Answer the questions your customers typically have. When prospects search Google for answers to their questions about CrossFit they’ll find your website.
Finally, make sure your site is coded the way search engines like it. Make sure photos are alt tagged. Make sure you have important copy in the right headers. Keep all text out of photographs so that the algorithms can find it. There are dozens of additional things you can do, but this is a start.

#3 – Promote Your Brand and Content on Social Media
By integrating social media with your blog or site, you can attract prospects to your CrossFit box program almost immediately.
Especially useful to CrossFit affiliates is Facebook, which elevates the content you produce in news feeds and encourages CrossFitters and others to comment on posts.
Your blog should be integrated with your facebook page so that all activity flows back and forth. This gets you more visitors and interest. Best part, it takes no work on your part.
Its the ultimate word of mouth marketing.

Remember, getting more visitors to your site will get more people into your box. From there you can do what you’re great at: showing people how great CrossFit is.

Hope that was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to be in touch. We’ll be happy to help you with this.

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