3 Major Reasons Why You Need to Board the YouTube Ads

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YouTube’s power in the digital marketing world is often under-recognized and underestimated. Did you have any idea that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world (competing only with Google) and the third most frequently-visited site behind Google and Facebook? True story. Shocking at first glance, we know! Here are a few other important stats about YouTube you need to know:

  •     YouTube receives more than 30 million visits every single day and there are more than one billion mobile views daily.
  •     Viewers who watch TrueView ads all the way through without pausing or clicking away are 23 times more likely to subscribe, visit a branded YouTube channel, and/or pass along that content to others. 
  •     Brands who use TrueView as part of their digital advertising strategy see a 500 percent increase in views after posting new content on their channels.

What do these metrics tell us? YouTube has the potential to revolutionize, expand, and amplify your marketing strategy and campaign performance. Take a look below to see a few more reasons why you should be using YouTube ads!

No End Date 

Unlike Google and Facebook campaigns, YouTube ads are the honey of the advertising industry — they never expire! They allow for unlimited reach capability, so no matter when a new potential lead begins searching on YouTube, you can and will be found.

Low Budget

You don’t need to drain your wallet in order to advertise successfully on YouTube. First off, YouTube is low competition compared to Google and Facebook because YouTube has a certain barrier of entry; that is, advertising on YouTube requires high-quality video content. However, that’s really all you need. If you have good video, your YouTube ads will be effective. Secondly, as soon as a viewer clicks “Skip Ad,” you don’t pay. Advertisers on YouTube pay only for ad views exceeding 30 seconds. That means you can essentially get your message across for FREE.

Sky-High Engagement and Relationship-Building

YouTube creates community among viewers because it encourages easy access and sharing of video content. Posting content on YouTube is a unique opportunity to engage your target audience quickly and interact with potential leads in a meaningful way. Customers are able to provide feedback by directly responding to your YouTube ads using YouTube’s comments section. Gaining consumer insights has never been easier.

As far as the choice to try YouTube ads is concerned, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. YouTube ads are easy, cheap, and backed by data. You can’t go wrong here, so jump on that bandwagon, because you won’t be disappointed — that’s a PPL guarantee!

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