How to build a CrossFit website (how to achieve the 3 goals)

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Build a CrossFit Website

As we’ve discussed before, we at PPL Labs think CrossFit websites have three goals:

  • Build community within existing membership
  • Encourage new members to join
  • Run your box more efficiently

These goals are at the core of growing your affiliate and turning your members into firebreathers.
In this post we’ll review how your website can achieve each goal.

Build Community Within Existing Membership

Most websites and affiliates are good at this.

You share WoDs and allow your members to comment. You celebrate their PRs. You post photos of happy members. You broadcast box events and competitions.

But your website can do even more to build community.

For example, social media integration helps push what you’re already doing to all your members.

Faster loading, better designed websites get people to visit and engage with your box.

Email newsletters let you share events directly with your members to make sure they know about them.

It’s all aimed at giving your community an online platform for connecting with you and with each other. Ultimately, the stronger the community the more fun you’ll have and the longer your members will stick around.

Encourage New Members to Join

Think of your website as your lead salesperson for your box.

Too often CrossFit websites focus primarily on the WoD and don’t think about what someone new sees when they visit for the first time. “Deadlifts? Thrusters? Sounds scary.”

Cater your message to new visitors as well as existing members. Make images welcoming. Show community, not just firebreathers. Show both men and women.

Integrate your blog into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your members’ friends will see the comments and posts and check out your site. Some of them will come in to try it.

Make the signup process easy. Make it easy to find. Make it low commitment. Make it take no time to contact you.

Make sure you have a signup form on the website. Many won’t call your number, or write you an email, but will fill out a form.

If your website gets you new members it stops being a cost and starts being a source of revenue.

Run Your Box More Efficiently

If you have a great site and you use it well your box will grow.  Eventually you’ll want to make it easier to manage all these new members.

A website can lower your costs and make your box more profitable and easier to run.

Your payment processing should use the lowest cost credit card fees available and make it easy for your coaches to process payments.

Blog posts can be preloaded and timed to post when you want them to. Integration with social media means you only have to post them once and they will appear everywhere. You can make extra cash through affiliate revenue by linking to other retailers. Scheduling and billing software should be set up and optimized for your box.

We’ve seen the difference the right website setup can make. Fewer headaches, more revenue and more members showing up and getting fit.

Take The Next Step

Does your website achieve each of the three goals?

If not you’re not taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

Make changes to create a website that fosters an online community of people that love your box, while also bringing in new members and making the entire process more efficient.Hope that was helpful. Have any questions? We’re happy to offer a free consultation on your existing site. Just be in touch and we’ll offer some tips.

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