10 Ways to Make Yourself Known to the CrossFit Community

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crossfit community and marketing

Gyms are good for more than just jogging. Marketing gyms can help big companies grow and compete in an environment where it can be dangerous to spread the word for one’s company. They can help fitness classes get a following as well. Many gyms have friendly and growing email lists and Facebook fans. Here are 10 ideas for marketing a gym to individuals and companies, to help grow your email list and reach into new markets, advertise new equipment or package services to a wider group of customers!


1. Become a Blogger 

CrossFit is well known for their podcast. Become a CrossFit blogger and get active and know more about CrossFit with blogs and photos. You’ll become familiar with the CrossFit lifestyle, meet fellow coaches and gain fans online. Doing this will give you a foot in the door and the opportunity to make your new gym community in North Orange County and Orange County a place where people want to be. 


2. Start a YouTube Channel

Get a webcam and add some training to your workout video. Start the channel with a simple instructional video on how to get started. You can post multiple videos, depending on your training and have experts or local CrossFit trainers respond to your videos. You’ll be able to sell your service as well and also gain and serve new CrossFit fans online and promote your classes and gym. 


3. Teach Your Classes

Join your community, answer questions and provide special tips to your community’s classes to help them improve and expand. Some of the classes in this area were self-taught. Get into the end game for your customers by teaching your classes. This will be your way of spreading the message about your gym and becoming a gym entrepreneur. 


4. Use the Local News

Are your gym members asking questions about events or questions about the broader CrossFit community in the news? Use local news programs that have resources that may be very useful in helping your community. By getting your message out there in the news, you can reach a huge audience. 


5. Wear Your Company on Your Sweatshirt

Get your company name and your logo everywhere when you are wearing your workout clothes. Get a new t-shirt for your company, much like Walt Disney would get for all their new attractions. Wearing your company’s name all day will help you set yourself apart from other gym owners. 


6. Get Social Media

Talk to other CrossFit gyms and ask if you can teach a free workout. This gives you a chance to reach out to others in your community. Start a Facebook group and invite your friends to be part of it, or have an online Facebook Page to share your workouts and your business. 


7. Sponsor a Facebook Class

Sponsoring a CrossFit class can be a great promotion to the CrossFit community. The class will get a good PR coverage and your business will gain exposure. Get your company’s name on the session’s form, and submit your social media campaign on it. 


8. Use Gyms Everywhere

Before you start your new gym, take a good look around your area. CrossFit gyms tend to be in close proximity to other gyms and offices. Let your CrossFit name and brand be part of their daily routine. 


9. Become a Fitness Fanatic

Start a CrossFit community in your area. Become a CrossFit “newbie” with a local gym and earn the right to be a “regular” with regular to monthly “fan appreciation” activities. The fitness industry can support thousands of new CrossFit, CrossFit Techs, and CrossFit Masters, so think about getting involved with CrossFit everywhere. 


10. Enter a CrossFit Reality Show

This option is very exciting. It’s not just about CrossFit but is about all of CrossFit. The USU CrossFit Champions are on Fuel TV and the entire CrossFit community is waiting in the wings for the next season to be ready for the Bravo TV network. Other smaller cable networks can have shown too.

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