What Social Media Platforms Should You be Utilizing?

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social media platforms

“Using social media for business can be a great way to engage with customers, view competition and develop a brand voice.” -Kiely Kuligowski. 

Small Businesses and Social Media 

Many small businesses today are investing time and money into creating a social presence for their business. They have realized how crucial it is to have multiple social media pages linked to their company. Some of the main social media platforms that small businesses use today include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

What do you gain from using social media and what are the benefits?

Do you ever feel like you are unable to reach new clients, and figuring out who your target market seems impossible to do? Well, investing in the right social media marketing strategies can help you find answers to all of these questions. Some of the most important things that you can gain from having a social media presence are, building value and a personality for your company, being able to engage with new and existing customers, view insights to your brand, run a competitor analysis of your competition, and be able to create a personalized brand and voice for your company. Brand awareness is important and to be able to reach billions of people across the world, uploading your content to a platform is necessary. Creating your own personality is key to being different, and having a distinct voice will indeed increase engagement with your brand. 

Picking your Platform?

It can definitely be a challenge when it comes to figuring out which social platform would work best for your business. So here is a guide to assist you in that process.

Facebook is home to over 2.7 billion active users, since 2020. Facebook which also owns Instagram utilizes a service known as Facebook Business Suite which allows you to control your Instagram and Facebook pages for your business account all in one place. This also allows you to schedule posts and monitor the analytics, with very strong advertisement tools. Instagram is very similar to Facebook in the sense of posts, and interactions. They have around 1 billion users since 2020, and one of the features that they offer that is used much more than on Facebook is their IG Lives and Stories. Twitter is great for engaging with your consumers, sharing links, and short updates about your business. Depending on your business Twitter may not be useful, but some large corporations, they use Twitter as a platform to handle customer service. Though if you don’t already have a strong brand voice, you may want to skip using Twitter. Pinterest is mainly used for companies that promote DIY projects, exercise, fashion, beauty, and food, whether or not you’re in these categories Pinterest can still be a unique way to promote your products. Lastly, LinkedIn is a very strong platform used for professional networking. They don’t have as many users as FB and IG but they still do have, on average 260 million users that interact with businesses. 

How to use social media for your business?

When investing money into a social media platform, you have to focus on being able to post consistently. Creating more content is always better, and scheduling them out ahead of time is key. Having a marketing strategy is important, all of the platforms that you use must look similar and have somewhat of the same content posted for consistency. With the posts they should be interesting and unique, they must be geared to the right audience and target the right demographic. 

The best platform for you is dependent on which one you can leverage the most, but with that in mind using more than one is typically what results in the best outcome.

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