The Evolution and Importance of Digital Marketing

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importance of digital marketing

Digital Presence

In today’s day and age, businesses can’t survive without a digital presence. Whether it’s social media pages, eCommerce websites, or email blasts the internet has become the key to success. Digital marketing has become the center of attention due to how popular selling online has become, and due to this brick-and-mortar stores are now suffering. 

Digital Marketing is changing every day and therefore companies now have an overflow of people in their marketing departments. For some, a marketing department didn’t even exist ten years ago, but now marketing is crucial to growing your business. 

Covid-19 and Marketing

During Covid-19 digital marketing flourished because of the numerous stay-at-home orders. Shopping online became the new trend because quite frankly there was no other option to get your “work from home” outfits. Imagine having only a storefront during covid, when everyone was locked at home and needed a product or service from your business, they would have no way of making that purchase without the use of a website or social media page. You as the business owner would also have no way to source your income if everything was shut down. Investing in a digital marketing plan is key, the internet is changing every day and almost everyone is active on at least one digital platform.  

Importance of Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is convenient, it’s much easier to post on Instagram than to put up a poster on the interstate. Digital Marketing is now best-utilized mobily on a ready-to-use platform, where it is accessible at any time and place. When people are traveling and or going somewhere new one of the first places that they would research for a restaurant or where to go is on Instagram or Pinterest. A few years ago Yelp and Tripadvisor were trending, but now Instagram is the most used platform on the internet. Instagram is updated immediately and it is accessible from anywhere on any device. Content is everything, and with a social presence, you are able to give your brand a personality and a voice. Customers are able to interact with your company through your social media posts and digital marketing techniques. Lastly, if a company decides to pursue digital marketing it should invest in SEO, which is search engine optimization. The reason for this is because now that many people are using social media and digital marketing it is crucial for your company to be at the top of the search engine.

“The mass adoption of the internet into everyday life is the single biggest event that has affected marketing over the last three decades.” (Digital Marketing Institute). 

The biggest digital marketing service is internet marketing others include radio, tv, and phone marketing but investing in a digital presence is necessary.

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