Data Safety and The Digital Marketing Era

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Data Safety and The Digital Marketing Era

The Digital Media-Driven World We Live In

It’s no secret that we live in a digital media-driven world, full of innovation and opportunity. And, although the realm of social media, technology, and software has opened a world of possibility for brands all over the world, it has also had its fair share of limits and downfalls. 

Brands use the Internet for a number of functions such as storytelling, launching their websites, selling their products and services through eCommerce, and advertising themselves on various platforms and digital channels. Once upon a time, advertising began to power the growth of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram, transforming them into a place of business where brands can market themselves, promote their content, and track sales, engagement, and launched ads. 

Social Media For Businesses: Is Digital Marketing Keeping Your Data Safe?

In recent years, however, companies like Apple, have made business owners skeptical about using these platforms as a place for their businesses to call home. There have been many privacy concerns regarding data such as Apple’s new pop-up window for iPhones that asks for permission to be tracked by different apps and Facebook’s infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal that basically permitted the British political consulting firm to hijack users’ personal data in order to share information with other organizations. For this reason, privacy is reshaping the Internet and the digital marketing world. Everyday more people are looking for ways to keep their businesses and their own data safe. 

Finding Solutions In Order To Have A Privacy-Conscious Internet And Keep Your Data Safe 

Back in August, Facebook mentioned that they were working on a new method of showing ads without relying on personal data. Google was also looking into a safer, more reliable way to target digital ads at people without misusing and unethically accessing intimate data in the process. 

According to an article published in The New York Times, “media publishers, app makers, and e-commerce shops are now exploring different paths to surviving a privacy-conscious internet” (Chen, 2021). These new paths often include companies like PPL Labs, who strive to help brands grow through strategy, software, and advertising on digital platforms without compromising businesses’ data and customers’ personal information while still generating revenue and targeting the ideal audience.

Adapting To A Digital Marketing Industry That Prioritizes Safety 

Businesses are slowly but surely adapting to these changes in the industry, prioritizing safety, and making sure their data is being used with purpose but if the biggest players in the game, such as Google, Facebook, and Apple, want to keep engaging with those who are interested in advertising on their platforms and devices, they have to adapt too ​​to “cookie” policies, ad-technology companies, and business owners’ preferences and priorities when it comes to  digital marketing’s safety

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