Suzana Levy – Asha Integrative Wellness
“After many months of interviewing people to take on the job of marketing my expanding business (aka the baby that I have poured the last 14 years of my heart, energy and family time into) I stumbled upon an online ad for PPL. As a person who is marketed to constantly, I’m always impressed when a company is compelling enough to get my click. The sales person gave me all the assurances that the other companies had given me but he didn’t have any of that subtle pushiness. He listened to my needs and matched me with a team leader he thought would be best for my business. Between my first contact and Blake, my account manager, I experienced what it was like to talk to a company who seem to truly care about customers and quality work product. No one was just trying to make a sale. They were building a relationship with me.
Still, it took me a while to feel brave enough to take a chance on them. They were compassionate and patient, checking in periodically in a way that felt sincere and calm.
After a couple of months, I had PPL do a small project for me. Expectations were exceeded. They were responsive, open, kind and really really talented. I mean really talented. And it wasn’t just to woo me into spending more money. I waited so long before signing up for more services that they must have believed that I wasn’t going to spend any more money with them. The quality remained just as high. It was the professionalism and talent that helped me to finally take the step to sign up for a larger contract with them.
It was so in line with our vision that my office manager and I were downright emotional about it. We knew for sure that we were making the right choice to have PPL relieve us of this enormous and terrifying responsibility. I’m no longer worried about the money I’m spending. This company is the real deal.”

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