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12,000 visitors last month with 63% coming from search

Their Goal

Build Brand Recognition

Mission CrossFit San Antonio is one of the many CrossFit gyms in south-central Texas. Their goal was to set themselves apart from the other CrossFit gyms in the area to build their unique brand recognition.

Our Role

How We Helped

The Power of SEO

Our Ever Evolving Process.

The building blocks we have accumulated over the years at PPL have produced a machine for SEO that will allow your marketing plan to hit the ground running. PPL-Labs has a growing presence across the country in small towns to big cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston, and in this case, San Antonio.

Successful marketing and SEO are parallel with a unique approach. The concept of SEO is very straight forward. The difficulty is the ongoing adjustment and attention to detail in markets with competition. Take the San Antonio market in our example. Our client is ranked number #1 in a saturated space that includes CrossFit boxes gunning for that spot by the dozens.

The Power of SEO

There was no qualified traffic to the site.


Using our deep bag of tools, we understand what keywords are attainable and how competitive they are on search engines. The plan of attack is designed to win over the audience that is searching for your services. In this case, there were thousands of people searching for CrossFit boxes in the San Antonio area. We found that we could be competitive for that search term as well as others.


“So how do you do all this?” is a question we hear quite often. The content on your site is key as every technical piece holds a “grade” in Google’s eyes. Structuring a sound site and content is very important. Beyond that, we need to build your site’s popularity. We do this by mentioning your site on authority sites that give your SEO the most “juice.”


12,000 visitors last month with 63% coming from search

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