Q and A: What is Mobile Optimization?

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What is mobile optimization?

How often have you jumped on your cell phone, eager to join a gym/order a pizza/read an article/whatever it is you do online, and the website looks plain awful?

You have to pinch your fingers to read it, your thumbs keep pressing the wrong button, and the entire right half of the page doesn’t exist. This site is not mobile optimized – and borderline cruel.

Luckily, Google has decided to help it’s search users out.  As of April 2015, Google is boosting search results for websites that are optimized for usability on mobile devices.

How does that work?

Mobile Blog

Google will be looking at every website with the following 4 questions:

  1. Does the content resize in order to put all content on one mobile screen without scrolling?
  2. Does the site avoid uncommon mobile such as Flash players
  3. Are the text and navigation buttons sized appropriately for mobile viewing and use?
  4. Are the links shaped and spaced so that you don’t hit the wrong ones?

Wait… I have a website!

Okay… When you look at it on your phone, does it have a simpler version for a small screen?

Well, it looks the same as the site viewed on a laptop. 

That’s definitely not good.  Luckily, we’re here to help with our simple two step process to mobile optimization!

  1. Check out your site on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test
  2. If you’re Mobile? Great!  If not… fix your site or find someone who knows how to NOW!
If you follow these 2 easy steps, you can be sure that your site is mobile optimized and Google search-friendly.  If not then chances are your site will be buried in Google’s search results.

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