The Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up LinkedIn For CrossFit Boxes

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LinkedIn is a great tool to build your professional network. It can help you get leads as well as get in touch with professionals just like you. This guide will show you how to set up LinkedIn for CrossFit.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first step is to sign up.

Go to: LinkedIn

Fill out the forms. To make it even easier you can sign up with your Facebook account.

Step 2: Fill out your profile.

You should add all the people from your email addresses to make connections. It’s way easier to do this than to connect with them individually.

There are 5 main areas to fill out:

  1. Basic Info – Fill this out accurately.
  2. Experience – You don’t need to list this like a resume. You can make it sound more interesting.
  3. Education – Add your schools and you can even show classes that you took.
  4. Photo – Use a good quality photo. Remember, this is a professional network, not Facebook.
  5. Skills and Expertise – List all your skills and expertise. Other members can vouch for you on your skills.

You can also do things like join groups, give and receive recommendations and vouch for people’s skills. I’d recommend you start connecting with people you know.

I’d suggest you change your URL. The URL they give you might be something like:

Change it to something simpler and more memorable like:

Your name might be taken, but play around with it and see what you can get.

Go here for directions to change your URL.

Step 3: Title and Description

The title of your profile doesn’t have to be your job title. You can make it more catchy or interesting. It’s the first thing people with see besides your photo.

Your description is important too. Write something that shows a little bit more of a personal side, just not too personal. People should be able to get a better idea of who you are and what you do.

Step 4: Add your company page

You need to fill out your personal profiles first, get some connections and be ranked at either intermediate or all-star to be able to fill out your business page. That shouldn’t be too hard though.

Go to: “Interests” and then select “Companies”.  You will be able to create you company page now.

Fill out the forms.

Step 5: Fill out the profile

This part is just like filling out your personal profile. Fill it out completely and make it look professional.

You can do things like: advertise, post jobs, do research and engage with other companies.

It may be worthwhile to have a business page rather than just a personal page. Someone from your CrossFit box might be more likely to search for you box rather than your personal name.

Using LinkedIn for CrossFit can garner excellent results if used properly. Enjoy connecting on the world’s largest professional network.


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