How It Works

Our strategy is comprised of different phases, that takes an idea and turns it into a good & functional website that will turn clicks into your customers. We start with your vision, compare it with your current position, make a good plan on how to get from one to the other and put it into practice. See how your website will be developed in a more detailed timeline:

Account Manager

Your account manager is dedicated to your success. We handle a variety of clients at PPL, but don’t worry: You’ll have plenty of one-on-one time with our team. Our Account Managers are placed in specific verticals due to their expertise, and usually only take on clients from their chosen path. Fitness, Healthcare, Professional Services, and Media are just a few of their specialties. Your project will require constant communication in both directions, and your AM will discuss those expectations with you. Weekly or even bi-weekly phone calls aren’t uncommon. Or, drop them a text to say hello!

What We Need From You

There are several needed inputs that our team needs from you to get started.