You Don’t Need To Be The Wolf Of Wall Street To Build Great Box – Do This Instead

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Kick out all your members! Just kidding, but hear me out. We’ve heard the saying “the customer is always right” about a million times in our lives. While yes, you should treat your customers with care, they just might not be the right customer.

Would you rather have 100 mediocre customers or 25 customers who are die-hard followers and will tell everyone about your business? I’d prefer the latter.

You need to decide who you want your customers to be. Once you get an idea of this, you can begin to market to them.

Here’s what bad members do:

  • They will waste your time and energy with minutiae
  • They don’t care about you or helping the community
  • They start drama with other members
  • They’ll rob you in intangible ways

Why would you want to work with people who are not aligned with your box? There will be no pleasing them and they will bring down the quality of your box. I’m not saying that you should kick members out, but I am saying that you should be more targeted when trying to acquire new members. Think of a sniper rifle rather than a shotgun.

Create A Customer Archetype

Here are some examples of archetypes:

  • Bachelor’s under 30 years old who want to get ripped to impress the ladies (Vanity).
  • Busy working professional Moms over 30 who would like to get back in shape (Health).
  • Couples who enjoy extreme sports who want to keep in shape for their adventures (Function).

Get inside their heads. Find out what their hopes and dreams are and then deliver on it.

Ask yourself: What kind of members do I want to join my box?

Have High Standards

When you’re looking for a relationship, will you just get into a relationship with anyone? Of course not. You probably have some basic criteria such as personality, attractiveness, similarities, hobbies, etc. So why wouldn’t you have standards with your business relationships? The quality of your box will be partially dependent on the quality of its members and attracting those quality members is up to you.

It’s not about turning people away. It’s about attracting the right people in the first place.

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