Different diction, same values. PPL Labs is about the people

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Welcome to the new PPL Labs (pronounced “people labs”).! We’re the same 5-star service but now with an awesome rebrand. 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans. Therefore, as we’re growing and expanding we want to make it clear what we’re all about. 

We’re clarifying our brand so our external brand can match our internal values. Our utmost responsibility is to the happiness of people; how happy people are with you, reflect how happy you are with us. We are all about our people and your people!

Branding is not an overnight task. Effective marketers will gradually implement changes and evolve and grow over time. Fun fact: only 55% of businesses believe their internal and external brands are aligned. However, rebranding increases authenticity, creativity, and trustworthiness!

PPL Labs rebranding

So in part, it is about being pretty and having an eye-catching logo (you better believe we have it printed and pasted all over the office!). However, more importantly, we help our clients feel confident with the marketing that we provide. Our ultimate goal is for you to succeed, stress-free. 

Not only do we want you to succeed but we want to walk you through the process every step of the way to educate you to become a more knowledgeable marketer. When your business is thriving and customers are lined up out the door is when we’re happiest. 

So simply– your happiness = our happiness. 

We’re the same marketing experts with a different pronunciation– because people always come first.

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