Converting Free Trials into New Members

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In part 1 of our series on Free Trial Sign Ups we talked about how to contact people that sign-up on your website. In this segment we discuss how to convert those people when they actually get to your space.

Price too high for some people?

The conversion factor is almost always an issue of price. In our experience, we rarely hear that people don’t become members because they do not like Crossfit. Crossfit coaches are highly trained, and the Crossfit workout is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.

People do not convert because of price. This is not earthshaking news, but we find that too many coaches accept that the price is “too high for some people”. This is the wrong approach, and it will cost you tens of thousands in lost revenue. Think about this: 6 years ago, how many people on an average income would spend $300 or more on a cellphone? Not many, but then the Iphone came along, and people didn’t just buy it; they LINED-UP to get it.

There’s fitness, then there’s Crossfit.

The issue is clear: An average Crossfit membership costs around $130/month, while the average cost at a fitness center is $40/month. People equate value based on what’s perceived as a similar experience. So, when they see $130 vs $40, it doesn’t make sense for them on a cost basis. The Crossfit experience is much more similar to that of a personal trainer, but in a stimulating group environment. So how do you change the way your Free Trial members think about the value of a Crossfit membership? YOU KEEP THEM IN YOUR BOX, you let them see the results.

 Classes for Free Trial Members

For the Free Trial members, organize one or two classes a week, just for them.  This creates a better environment for your potential members, where they are not discouraged by watching your much more fit members do workouts they can’t do yet. Make sure your members understand that it’s ok to start from Zero. At the same time, organize a 15 minute Q&A before or after the workout and have it run by one or two coaches, AND one or two members who were in your Free Trial’s shoes a few months back. You can’t just tell your Free Trials that Crossfit will immensely change the way they live. You got to SHOW THEM. Current members that they can relate to is the best way to do this.

If you run your intro class similar to the way mentioned above, you’ll go a long way to changing the way your Free Trial members think about a full membership at your box (and also the amount they’re willing to pay for it). However, this alone may not be enough.  After all, an intro class lasts just one hour. A Free Trial will need more lessons to see results, and be convinced

Incentivize your Free Trial Member

At this point, you, the Box owner, should take a moment to think about how much a member is worth to you.  If one member makes the jump and pays a full month membership, he is ready to pay for more than one month. The value of a member is at least:  Your monthly Membership x 12 months. In this context, doesn’t the time you invest in a Free Trial member seem worth it?

Now think about your Free Trial member again. Going from 0 to $130 seems steep. Going from 0 to $50 is a lot more manageable. Going from $50 to $130 is the next step. Give a Free Trial member a chance to sign up for a lower rate for a month or two. $50 for the first month, for 2 classes a week should work well. Two months for the same rate, or the first month for a small rate and the second month for a higher rate will get your members in the right mindset to pay for the full membership. More importantly, it will get them in your classes, and that IS THE BEST WAY to get them in the right mindset   for a full membership (because they’ll understand the value of a full membership)

Finally, after the Free Trial, do tell your members about the full price of a membership, and then tell them about the discount you’re ready to offer them for the first month or first two months. The discount will add an extra incentive. Finally, be ready to be flexible on the discount you offer each individual member for the first month. Think about how likely it is for that member to come back after the first month, and think about what that is worth to you in terms of revenue.

To Recap:

– The “price too high for some people” is the wrong approach. It’s a matter of perspective on the side of your Free Trial member, that can be changed

– Organize Free Trial sessions where the Free Trial members work out together

– The value of a member is at least: Your price/month * 12 months. So it’s worth for you and your team to invest time to convert your free trial to members.

– Be ready to offer a discount off your full price for a member in the first month or two

– Be ready to be flexible with that discount



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