What Do Angry CrossFit Members REALLY Want

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Why are some CrossFit members angry? Are they mad at the workout or CrossFit or the community or the facility? No matter what business you go into you’re going to have angry customers. Sometimes they’re anger just because they’re angry. But sometimes they’re not.

You need to realize that almost everyone on this planet just want to be HEARD. People wants their feelings and opinions felt. They want them to be put into action. If you know a client has a bad hip, make them feel that you are completely aware about it. Their hip may be their biggest concern about doing CrossFit and it may be more of an emotional concern than physical. Since you’re a CrossFit box and not a large corporation, this shouldn’t be too difficult to handle.

Always remember that you’re dealing with people. CrossFit is about coaching and community. If it’s not about that at your box, then members might as well go to their local Globo gym. A major part in your business is understanding your member’s needs whether they are rational or not. This doesn’t mean be a pushover and give in to ever little complaint. You still need to qualify your potential members to make sure you’re working with the right people.

Don’t be like a big corporation and say, “Your call is important us”. Really? If my call was important then why have I been holding on an automated message for the past 20 minutes. If you do this type of customer service your members will hate. Don’t make your members hate you.

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