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Online marketing is a huge topic, with many products, services and strategies. The goal of your web presence and online marketing should be to either save you time but automating processes, or make you money by getting more customers to signup. Many products describe themselves as Digital Marketing but they are in fact addressing some facet of this framework.

Below we describe the three main topics which are your web presence

Web Presence: Your website and mobile site that helps customers understand what you do and gets them to signup.

Next Is Driving Traffic To Your Website: Be it search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, Adwords, email blasts, social media and more, once you have a great website the next step is to get the right customers to find it.

Converting Leads To Customers: Now that you have people going to your website and filling out a contact form it’s time to get them to buy from you to convert.


Web Presence:

First and most important is setting up your web presence. This is important because your website is your central point of all your marketing efforts. Before anything else can continue, investing in your website is most important piece of the puzzle. Without a proper website to tell your story and capture leads your online story will have been for nothing

Your online web presence includes your website, your mobile site, social media channels and how they interact with your website as well as any advanced functionality.

Making sure your website tells your personal story is a very important piece to why a client would use your service instead of another that is right down the street. What makes you different than the others and why should people use your service. Highlight your best attributes through this medium. If you have a great relaxation space highlight this. If you offer a new program that is designed to lose those extra 10 pounds highlight that.

It’s also important to highlight that your homepage should be an overview of all of your inner pages on the website. Use the homepage of your website to drive traffic to your different inner pages where people can sign up for classes, meet the team and sign read more. Having a short paragraph on your best class is great then point them to an inner pages where they can read in full depth all about this great service.

Advanced functionality could be anything from have a scheduling tool on your website so that people can schedule a class directly on the website. Other great functionalities are including sign up tools so clients can sign up as members on your website and also have an eCommerce presence to help show your brand is important too.

Once you’re comfortable that your web presence tells the “right story or value proposition” it encourages visitors to take the desired action which would be signing up for your service.

Driving Traffic:

The next step is how do you drive traffic to your new site and which are the leads I’m looking for.You may say that every lead or new prospect that comes in is what I’m looking for which may not be the case. The best traffic to your website is known as organic, these are people who are specifically looking for you or your particular services.

Organic traffic can be generated with world of mouth, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or simply sharing your story with social sharing. Beyond organic traffic the next way to drive traffic is through direct outreach. This can include email drip campaigns or online advertising.

Google Adwords is the most popular medium of advertising because it has built in intent. People who search for personal trainers in Boston are actually looking for a personal trainer in Boston. This makes it a very effective advertising tool because you’re targeting specific keyword or combination of keywords to show people your ad. This helps limit the amount of leads that might not be relevant to your business. If a person is searching for Barre and you don’t offer Barre then nobody searching Barre in Google Adwords would find your ad and thus no.The limitation is the maximum amount of people that can click on your ad is the total amount of people searching for this keyword.

Facebook is also a great channel to explore in advertising and offers a couple benefits but can be harder to manage and also potentially more expense for cost per lead. The main benefit of choosing Facebook is you’re able to target traffic based on demographics and interests. While you cannot target people searching on Facebook like in Google Adwords you can specifically target people in a given area, age and with interest in a given service.This is very helpful is you have a defined client or someone who best fits your service you can choose to only show your ads to those specific people who are say within 5 miles of your gym and are between the age of 25-35 years of age

Converting Leads:

Once your website is able to generate leads the next step is storing leads and communicating properly in a way that is automated but feels natural.

Leads should always funnel into some system that helps to store and manage all of your new leads. You wouldn’t want to miss any new leads or forgot to follow up with someone who was very interested in a service. Also maybe they weren’t a good fit right now maybe 2 months down the road there needs might have changed and are looking for a service just like you.

Once a lead is generated in your lead management tool setup an automated email that will let them know that someone will be reaching out soon. Make sure everyone on your sales team can see this too. Also setting up a nurturing campaign is a great way to help the client see the added value in your service and make sure they are ready to buy before someone reaches out to help them purchase a membership or service. These would be a series of email that help to describe to the client the added benefits of your service and get them ready for the purchasing process

Finally, rinse and repeat. once the initial system is completed full cycle then we start at the beginning and start the process again in a broader audience.

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